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Course Descriptions


  • Where to find good DJ prospects

  • How to conduct a good “DJ” interview

  • How to train them effectively

  • How to avoid turnover

  • How to not create your own competition

  • How to “CLONE” yourself


Whether you are just starting out as a multi-system operator, or running a successful company with many DJs, F.A.M.E. instructors are available to offer education and assistance with running your multi-system company. We’ll provide guidance, education and assistance to maximize your organization. From performance related issues to monitoring performances, our instructors have experience in multi system management, and can train you to create a superior organization.

Our instructors can assist you in developing performance appraisal program, as well as train your staff to maximize their marketability, image and bookings.







F.A.M.E. offers continuing education for the experienced DJ with emphasis on performance, microphone technique, interactivity, games and icebreakers, teambuilding and presentation. Regardless as to the number of years experience an entertainer may have, our experienced instructors will provide information and insight to help you create a polished, more professional performance. In addition, instructors are available for individual or company consultation so that entertainers may improve in the consistently changing Disc Jockey Industry.



FAME Advanced Sales Training (FAST)
  • Have sales been declining or peaked?
    Available on DVD and CD format (audio only)
  • Wonder why you loose jobs based on price?
  • Not able to close prospects on the telephone?
  • Tired of those who say "I want to think it over"?

E-Mails asking simply for a price frustrate you?

FAME can help you by removing those problems from your business. Our "FAME Advanced Sales Training" is detailed, and difficult. FAME will train you or your staff in techniques guaranteed to increase your sales by 40% percent or more. Imagine more jobs sold at a higher price. If you are already a pro, and you feel your performance techniques are satisfactory, then consider FAST to get your sales figures on the increase. After all, you can be a great performer, but if you can’t sell then no one will ever see you perform.

Our clients who have taken the FAST course enjoy higher sales figures and now enjoy the sales aspect of the business more than ever before. One and two day training sessions are available. At your location, in your office if desired.





Beginner / Novice Course (THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE ON DVD)

This course is designed for those who want to start their career in the mobile disc jockey business.  The DVD class is divided into 5 DVD classes, including twelve hours of footage taken directly from classes at the FAME Disc Jockey School.   Written examinations are given for each course.  Upon completion of the course and passing a final examination, a certification is issued.

Course Description

  • Emcee Skills
    How to speak professionally and how to control a live audience

  • Activities:
    Over 30 guaranteed dances & activities to get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

  • Wedding Protocol
    The how to’s of coordinating Wedding Receptions, our biggest market

  • Karaoke
    Instruction on Hosting and Equipment for this popular arena

  • Equipment
    Practical application on the equipment available today, troubleshooting, and the proper usage in the Mobile DJ field.

  • Music Knowledge
    Detailed information about the songs that work and make you $$$$$

Most DJ companies don’t expand because of training issues. They simply don’t have enough time or knowledge to do so. Let us help you make more money, by training your DJ’s for you!!

The Course includes:
Professional instruction by trainers skilled and experienced in all facets of Mobile Entertainment. They will teach you how to become successful in a field that is not only rewarding financially, yet also equally rewarding from an emotional standpoint.

Flexible scheduling, weekdays or weeknights. The more availability you have, the faster you can complete the classroom sessions. We offer twelve hours of personalized classroom instruction at local facilities. In addition we also offer “On the job” training to those who seek additional experience before going out on their own.

Whether a beginner or a pro, FAME can assist you in getting started or help you make more money in the exciting field of Mobile entertainment.

FAME offers training in the following areas of the Mobile DJ industry:

  • Beginner / Novice DJ Training

  • Continuing Education

  • Advanced Sales Training

  • Management Consulting

  • Specialized Training

  • Multi-System Management

  • Internet Marketing

    Recognized and accredited by The National Association of Mobile Entertainers


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